Welcome to the RuleFour Community

The RuleFour Community is a place where you and other users of RuleFour can come together and discuss how to use and improve RuleFour. You can explore the details of cost modelling and ask questions or answer the questions of others. Please also feel free to discuss modelling tips and strategies or share interesting discoveries and learn about new ways to use RuleFour.


If you have feedback you’d like to share such as a idea, suggestion, improvement or bug you can share it here or use our support email address to get in touch.

Asking a question on the community forum has two big differences to using our email support. Firstly, on the community forum other people from the community might also try and answer your question or give tips. And second, your question will be used to help others in the future to solve similar problems. Because of this we encourage you to think about if your question would be useful to other people, and if it’s super specific to your unique situation you then email might be better option for you.

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So welcome to the RuleFour community, the place for collaborative Cost Modelling.