Unexpected model errors or behaviour

Cost Modelling always involves a little bit of idea trial and error. Sometimes this arises in a model error or unexpected model behaviour that the modeller needs to work through. There have been so many occasions where I have had an unexpected issues in implementing my RuleFour model ideas.

Some simple recent examples of issues with RuleFour models:

  1. Despite importing a new inputset my expense element did not update.
  2. Derived inputsets from my cost schedule returned errors instead of a result.
  3. Expense elements are not removed after I disassociated their template.

Most of the time, the reason for the delay is due to my error in understanding the functionality in RuleFour. In these cases thinking further, emailing RuleFour support, or reaching out to an experienced RuleFour user has helped me troubleshoot and resolve my issue. This was the case for example 1 and 2 above.

Much less often, the reason for the delay is caused by a recent RuleFour update. In these rare occasions an email to support@rulefour.com.au has confirmed the issue and resulted in a fix. This was the case for example 3 today.

Just want to share my experience so other users know there are several options for resolving model issues. To me these are as follows.

  • Thinking the issue through and trying other approaches
  • Reaching out to an experienced RuleFour user
  • Emailing RuleFour support

Another option is:

  • Asking for help on this community page

Its likely others are have had or are currently experiencing similar issues and it can improve our community understanding of RuleFour functionality. Please consider reaching out as we all might benefit. Comment below if you have an issue to share.