RuleFour now defaults to an unchecked "Auto Calculate"

An improvement to a key RuleFour setting was made today that may affect some users.

What has changed?

From now on, the default Auto Calculate setting is unchecked (i.e. off). See image below.
auto calc button

What is Auto Calculate?

Checked = RuleFour will initiate a calculation with every update to the model. E.g. each time an inputset is imported or a template element is edited the schedule elements update.

Unchecked = User needs to hit the Calculate button (double arrow icon top right ) or turns on Auto Calculate (cog icon top right ) for RuleFour to update the schedule elements.

Why not use Auto Calculate?

When you are using RuleFour to make multiple updates, it can be better to work without automatic calculation. When working in RuleFour to view the output it is better to work without automatic calculation.

What is the impact to most users?

Models will operate faster and you can interact with your input sets and elements without unnecessary calculations. Users need to remember to press the double arrow calculate button to see their results. Good practice model use emphasises the importance of pressing the calculation button and checking the schedule to verify an expected outcome anyway so this should not impact users who already do this. Users who prefer to turn Auto Calculate on in their models may do so (not recommended).