Can I combine real data with forcast data in the Schedule

I have a model forecasting 10 years but I will also be gathering data to compare with the forecasted schedule to see how it’s tracking and to make corrections.

Is there a way to import this recorded data into a model at the schedule level? For example after the first year we’ll have the data for the real costs which we’d like to superimpose onto the schedule. Then we’ll be able to update the model to reflect the actual costs (side by side with the forecasted data) as we gather data over time.

Yes, this feature is referred to as Actuals in RuleFour, and lets you import a special Input Set that you can use with Schedule Elements to Override the schedule. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like in practice, the blue columns are sourced from Actuals data instead of the standard Element components like Fixed, Variable etc.

To learn more about how to setup actuals in a model check out the actuals page in out docs